2018 Scleroderma National Conference

July 27-29, 2018

Philapdelpha, PA

We arrived at the conference on Friday evening and were excited to discover that we had our very own "board" with the weekend's complete yoga schedule listed.

On Saturday we taught a great group of folks "How to go to a Yoga Class" at a studio or community center where they live. Complete with some info to share with the instructor before class begins, as well as a selection of props that can fit in a bag and go to class with them - demonstrations on using the props, too.

Our final day at The Scleroderma National Conference was another GREAT day! Our first presentation was Yoga for Hands led by Cheryl and assisted by Lori & Kathy.

Immediately following, Lori shared her Scleroderma journey, how it led her to yoga and becoming a yoga teacher and then she taught the group how to do her daily practice - full of props and adaptations. Kathy demonstrated doing the practice from a chair or using the wall, while Cheryl helped with adjustments and props. GREAT participation from very great ladies!

A deep heartfelt thank you to The Scleroderma Foundation for inviting us, again this year to present and teach Yoga for Scleroderma. It means a lot to us to be able to reach such great numbers of people and hopefully offer them some powerful new tools for their self care tool kits.

Thank you to those of you that came to our presentations/classes. We are so excited that you want to keep your bodies moving with yoga and honored that you’re allowing us to show you the way!

If you’d like to have us come to your support group or chapter meetings for some more “one-on-one” work, drop us a PM and we’ll get the ball rolling.

With gratitude,

Lori, Kathy, & Cheryl