Dr. Sundar Balasubramanian has conducted extensive scientific research on how yogic breathing can help the Scleroderma body. His work is invaluable to progress in self improvement of many health conditions, to include Scleroderma.

Per his website:

Dr. Balasubramanian is a pioneer in the area of research combining Pranayama with salivary biomarkers. He discovered Yogic breathing promotes salivary secretion and it contains factors that are important to our healthy living. The components stimulated in the saliva include nerve growth factor that helps our nerve cells - immunoglobulins that are important for keeping immune system strong, tumor suppressors that have the capacity to prevent cells from becoming cancerous, and factors that reduce stress and inflammation. These findings are first of its kind, and provide novel insights into bridging ancient wisdom of Yoga and modern biology. His findings are reported in the following peer-reviewed international journals have significant impact on Yoga research, healthy living and clinical management of chronic illnesses.

Below is a video from the 2016 Scleroderma Foundation's National Conference.

Yoga for Scleroderma Breathing Exercises - Pranayama

In the following video, Dr. Balasubramanian walks you through the most basic and simple form of Yogic Breathing (YB).

Pranayama with Alexis - 2018