2017 - Yoga for Every Scleroderma Body

Filmed at The Yoga Center – Reno during the Yoga for Scleroderma Practitioner Teacher Training in June 2017, these segments are a collaboration with Lori Pierce and Joanne Fahnestock. Both Lori and Joanne are Yoga for Scleroderma Practitioners and have applied yoga to their own symptoms of Scleroderma with great success. Lori and Joanne bring their experience and training to the topics you requested at the 2016 Scleroderma Foundation National Patient Education Conference!

In the videos below we offer yoga postures and sequences to build strength, balance, and stamina in key muscles throughout the body. During each presentation we have offered variations on how to make these yoga practices available to all body types and abilities using posture modifications and props as necessary to provide you with comfort and safety!

If you have questions, concerns, or are interested in help with postures and modifications, please feel free to contact any of us via the methods listed below.

Let's keep those bodies moving!

Meet the yoginis

Kathy, Joanne, & Lori

Boat pose to work on developing core strength. A strong core is vital for virtually all body movements

Leg lifts will strengthen necessary leg muscles to get your body in and out of a chair, bed, the car, and to keep you balanced and stable when walking.

Warrior sequences improve lower body stamina and balance.

A full Sun Salutation with Lori Pierce - modified to be accessible to everyone!

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